Second Dream

I had another dream this morning.  This had to do with a bicycle.  I had the urge to ride a bike, but I didn’t really have one.  Then I thought about the last bike I had.  It was a hand-me-down from my brother when I was about twelve.  It was one of those 1970’s boy bikes with a long banana seat.  And it was gold.  No, I couldn’t ride that today.  Not in a million years.

A colleague named Rhetta showed up in my dream offering to refurbish the bike for me.  I told her I didn’t want the banana seat, although it’s more comfortable than the regular bicycle seat.  I also told her I had little experience on a speed bike, as I spent most of my biking history on bikes that had pedal brakes.  For some reason when I said brake I actually said “bake” then corrected myself.

Rhetta happily went to work fixing up the bike, but I got puzzled as to why she was in my dream fixing my bike.  It came to me long after I woke up.  She’s a cyclist and I had totally forgotten about that.  How strange that I found that out months ago and forgotten but it showed up in my dream. 🙂