Second Dream

I had another dream this morning.  This had to do with a bicycle.  I had the urge to ride a bike, but I didn’t really have one.  Then I thought about the last bike I had.  It was a hand-me-down from my brother when I was about twelve.  It was one of those 1970’s boy bikes with a long banana seat.  And it was gold.  No, I couldn’t ride that today.  Not in a million years.

A colleague named Rhetta showed up in my dream offering to refurbish the bike for me.  I told her I didn’t want the banana seat, although it’s more comfortable than the regular bicycle seat.  I also told her I had little experience on a speed bike, as I spent most of my biking history on bikes that had pedal brakes.  For some reason when I said brake I actually said “bake” then corrected myself.

Rhetta happily went to work fixing up the bike, but I got puzzled as to why she was in my dream fixing my bike.  It came to me long after I woke up.  She’s a cyclist and I had totally forgotten about that.  How strange that I found that out months ago and forgotten but it showed up in my dream. 🙂


Last Night’s Dream

I dreamed last night that I was house hunting in a beach town.  The house I really liked was close to the beach and had many rooms.

I stood outside the front door looking around the area.  The front yard was similar to my parents house, as it sloped downward from the street.

Across from it was a ruin that was damaged in a fire.  I commented to a woman I was with (no one I know in real life.  Perhaps a real estate agent) on how sad that was and hoped they would demolish it soon as it could cause my house to depreciate.  Suddenly, ruin burst into flames and continued to burn.  I wasn’t alarmed as the homes were pretty far apart from each other, and I figured there really wasn’t much left to burn.

I went back inside the house I wanted to buy, thinking it was empty.  It was my second look around and I wanted to be sure it was what I wanted.  I walked into a beautiful empty room with large windows when someone asked me what I was doing there.  A dark-haired woman was there with her family.  She said she was putting a bid on the house and that they were living there.  I was surprised and disappointed and told (my real estate agent) that I didn’t want to bid any lower than I had originally planned.  I know, that made no sense.  Either I had my words twisted around or this dream dealt in opposites of reality. 🙂

I soon discovered that the family living in the house were renting it for quite some time.  That made me wonder if they had an advantage with the seller.

I toured the house again.  The rooms were a bit small, but not tiny.  I thought my parents wouldn’t like that, but I was okay with it.  The beach was beautiful and reminded me of a very similar one I saw in another dream, which too place in Hong Kong, though it didn’t look like any beach I had ever seen in real life.

Anyway, that’s where the dream ended.  I guess we’ll never know if I got the house.  I do know the ruin stopped burning and the fire extinguished itself, because I took another look at some point before I woke up.

UnFit for Human Consumption

The night of January 30th I had a bad dream.  I dreamed that my Honda Fit (2009.  Known outside the US as the Honda Jazz) wasn’t running right, so I went to a dealership and asked them what to do.  Bad idea.  It turns out I was speaking to a salesperson from another dealership who talked me into buying a new car.  It happened so fast.  It only confirmed my feelings about dealing with sales people.  Some might be nice and helpful, but at the end of the day their job is to sell things.

It also told me that I should not allow myself to easily swayed or talked into purchasing something I don’t need.

I found myself owning a new Ford!  Now, my last two cars were Fords.  The first one I had I loved.  It was a 1990 Ford Probe.  It had its problems, but overall it was a great car.  My second and last Ford was a Mercury Mystique (nicknamed Mercury Mistake by some mechanics).  That one wasn’t as fun.  It lasted quite a long time, but I had to service it quite a bit in the end and I hated the color (the last one I could get, but more on that another time).

So in the dream I bought a Ford, and this is when the dream went downhill.  It was a nice, sporty looking car, but it looked a lot like the 1993 Ford Probe or Mazda MX6.  It was similar to my brother’s old car, but this one was black with a tan interior.  That’s the other problem.  The interior was tan leather.  Two things that just don’t go together.  My Mystique was tan leather and it got dirty looking very quickly (and wouldn’t get clean) and it was excessively hot in the summer.  I knew in the dream that was a mistake, but this was after I had bought the car.

I was looking at it, trying to rationalize the cost (which was more than I paid for the Honda), and the fact that it was a Ford (by telling myself it’s a Mazda and by reminding myself how much I loved my old Probe), when I realized I still had my beloved Fit.  I felt really sad, because I would have to give it up to make up the loss and not have two cars.  I went to the salesperson and asked if she would consider the trade-in after the fact and refund me the difference.  She checked her clip-board and said, “No.”  I tried to reason with her, because the Fit was in demand, especially previously owned ones, but she refused, probably because it wasn’t in her best interest to do so after the transaction.

That’s when reality really set in.  I knew I was dreaming at that stage, and I was relieved about it.  But it saddened me, partly because I swore my next car would be another Fit, but mainly because I turned my back on my current one, which probably didn’t have anything really seriously wrong with it.  Plus all that wasted money, and being swayed like that.  I woke up with tears in my eyes and I apologized to my baby.  Then I checked the coolant level and got the car some much needed gas.

Sniff. 🙂

I believe the dream was partly sparked by getting two e-mails last week from Honda telling me how much my Fit was in demand and that I should trade it in for a new car. 🙂