Top Reasons Why You Should Not Record a Concert On Your Mobile Phone

1.  If you’re not close enough to hear the band over the speakers, you’ll only hear the people around you singing off-key.

2.  If you are close enough to hear the band, the the people around you singing off-key will still drown them out.

3.  If you’re close enough to hear the band loudly in your ears, it’s too loud for the phone.  The sound will be distorted leaving you with nothing but a clear sound of all the the people around you singing off-key.

4.  If you insist on recording the concert, don’t be one of those people singing along, because that’s all you and your friends will hear on your recording.

5.  If you’re not close enough to see the band, your phone won’t see better for you.  The shot will be shaky and blurry.

6.  If you are close enough to the stage the shot will still be shaky and blurry because your hands are not the steadiest and will get tired of holding up the phone after a while.

7.  If you are close enough to see the band, there’s no guarantee that all the other raised hands holding phones won’t be the only thing yours focuses on.

8.  The performers on stage want to see you, not half a million hands holding small black devices.  They’ll wonder if you came to see them, pirate the concert or catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

9.  There will be less clapping because your hands will be busy holding the phone steady.

10.  Nearby cheers will blow out the audio.

11.  You’re going to pay more attention to the phone than the band on stage. You don’t think so, but you will whether you realize it or not. (“I can’t wait to see this when I get home”).

12.  You’ll also be too preoccupied as to whether you actually are recording any video of substance or a closeup of the bassists shoe or the cables leading to the speakers.

13.  Live the moment.  Be in the now.  Watch the concert.

14.  If the concert is being recorded for TV broadcast or DVD release, put your phone away and enjoy the show.

15.  If there are other people recording the concert what makes you think your recording will be better than theirs?  Put the phone away and watch the concert.

16.  Short people have enough to struggle with trying to see over the heads and shoulders of tall people in front of them. They don’t need the additional frustration of having to look between arms and cellphones to see the stage.

17.  You’re blocking the view for all those people behind you who paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars to watch and listen to the band on stage, and not stare are your arms, hands, phone nor armpits.  Thank you.


The Best TV Show You’re Not Watching

A question was posed today.  It was:  “Why isn’t Flashpoint listed as one of the top TV shows on Netflix?”

The answer?  I haven’t the foggiest.

Flashpoint is one of the best cop shows ever made.  If you like shows like the classic “Emergency!” then you’ll like Flashpoint.  It has a lot of heart and soul and some great suspenseful policing along with it.

Check it out and tell your friends.

It’s on Netflix.